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This material was prepared by a third party towards Selvita S.A. with its registered office in Kraków (hereunder: “Selvita”). Within the scope which was not authorized by Selvita’s management board, the description of factual circumstances regarding the activities of Selvita, embodied in this material presents merely opinion of the third party, in particular with respect to presented opinions, predictions, appraisals and forecasts of the financial data and future activity of Selvita and its results.

Therefore, Selvita does not warrant consistency of this material with the actual and legal situation. Neither Selvita, members of its corporate bodies, employees nor its consultants shall bear any liability for validity of opinions, predictions, appraisals, forecasts and any other date embodied in this material as well as for consequences of actions of any reader made on a basis of this material, in particular for the investment decisions or any losses resulting from use of this material.

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Company profile

Selvita is a drug discovery company engaged in the research and development of breakthrough therapies primarily in the area of oncology, as well as provision of integrated drug discovery services.
The company was established in 2007 and currently employs over 340 scientists, among which 30% are PhDs.
Company offices are located in Cambridge, MA and San Francisco Bay Area in USA, as well as in Cambridge, UK and Krakow, Poland.
Selvita offers integrated drug discovery projects helping biotech and pharma partners discover and develop new drugs. Our scientists have an extensive experience in several areas of life sciences, and we offer the following types of projects:
  • Contract chemistry services: medicinal chemistry, custom organic synthesis, scale-up and process chemistry, as well as industrial chemistry
  • Biology services: cell and molecular biology, ADME and pharmacokinetics, proteomic analyses, analytical chemistry and method validation
  • Integrated drug discovery projects combining variety of drug discovery processes from in silico drug design, and synthesis of a target-focused library, SAR and ADME-driven lead optimization and toxicity prediction, followed by complex preclinical in vitro development, all tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Comparative studies of biosimilar medicinal products, including a wide range of analytical services, as well as molecular biology and biochemistry assays, successfully applied in biosimilar drug development.
Selvita specializes in a broad spectrum of pharmacodynamic in vitro studies used to analyze biosimilar product's activity in comparison to adequate reference compounds. We offer assays that are able to detect even minor changes in biological response to pharmacologically active substances.

Selvita's laboratories are located in Krakow, Poland and possess the GLP and GMP certification. Drug discovery clients of Selvita include more than fifty large and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from USA and Europe.

Selvita also develops its own innovative drugs, which originate from research at Polish universities and later commercializes them with partners from the pharmaceutical industry. Currently company has focused its research and development efforst in the area of oncology.  Sevita has several projects at early or late discovery stage and is expected to move its first candidates to the clinic in H2 2016.
The most advanced programs at Selvita are SEL24, a dual Pim / FLT3 kinase inhibitor for hematopoietic tumors, SEL120 a first-in-class small molecule inhibitor of CDK8, and SEL201 focused on MNK1 / MNK2 kinases in solid tumors.
Selvita is listed on the Main Market of Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE:SLV).

In our work we adhere to the highest ethical standards, both in dealing with the environment and within the company. Our goal is to develop solutions that contribute to the extension and improvement of the quality of life. In doing so, Selvita is guided by the respect for human life at it's every stage, and does not conduct research which violates human dignity.