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This material was prepared by a third party towards Selvita S.A. with its registered office in Kraków (hereunder: “Selvita”). Within the scope which was not authorized by Selvita’s management board, the description of factual circumstances regarding the activities of Selvita, embodied in this material presents merely opinion of the third party, in particular with respect to presented opinions, predictions, appraisals and forecasts of the financial data and future activity of Selvita and its results.

Therefore, Selvita does not warrant consistency of this material with the actual and legal situation. Neither Selvita, members of its corporate bodies, employees nor its consultants shall bear any liability for validity of opinions, predictions, appraisals, forecasts and any other date embodied in this material as well as for consequences of actions of any reader made on a basis of this material, in particular for the investment decisions or any losses resulting from use of this material.

Readers of this material shall make its own assessment, whether opinions or forecasts embodied therein are credible and adequate, in particular taking into account their investment strategy and actual and legal situation. In particular they should consult it with their independent financial and investment advisors. None of the information presented in this material shall constitute investment, legal, accounting or tax advice or a statement that any investment strategy is accurate or adequate, considering the circumstances of the reader.

Furthermore date presented in this material shall not constitute an offer to sell or purchase any financial instruments nor an invite the make such offer. It shall not be also not deemed as a recommendation for investment in any financial instrument nor an advertisement of such instruments.



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In any other case please contact us at:  selvita@selvita.com

Selvita S.A.
Park Life Science
ul. Bobrzyńskiego 14,
30-348 Kraków
tel: +48 12 297 47 00 
fax +48 12 297 47 01


Selvita Ltd.
CB1 Business Centre
20 Station Rd.
Cambridge CB1 2JD
tel: +44 (0) 1223 803 808


Selvita Inc.
485 Massachusetts Ave.
Suite 300
Cambridge, MA
tel: +1 857 998 4075


Selvita Inc.
1001 Bayhill Drive
2nd floor
San Bruno, CA
tel:+1 (650) 616 40 74