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On 19 May 2011, BioCentrum, part of the Selvita Group, received a certificate of compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The certificate was awarded after a successfully completed verification by the Bureau for Chemical Substances (institution of governmental administration granting GLP certificates) .
GLP Certificate No 3/2011/DPL covers all the activities of the BioCentrum’s Cell Laboratory, including analytical and clinical chemistry testing, as well as in vitro tests in the area of cytotoxicity of chemical substances. This certificate has been issued for an indefinite period of time, however its subject to compulsory re-certification in 2 years from the date of the issue.
GLP certification marks a very important step in the company’s development. It provides evidence that the services offered by BioCentrum are performed with the highest quality standards and requirements set by the industry, as well as it shows that BioCentrum possesses adequate facilities and equipment, as well as employs a team of professionals who guarantee the highest standards of quality in all performed work.
"GLP Certification is an extremely important stage in the development of our company. This certification is an indication that all the services and research done by us in the field of cell and molecular biology are conducted in accordance with the highest international standards of Good Laboratory Practice. This certification is also a confirmation that our standards of work in the laboratory are identical with those of the finest laboratories in the world. Since the very beginning of BioCentrum we’ve been striving to deliver our customers with the highest quality of services, GLP certification is a confirmation that we’ve been able to achieve that. " –said Dr Milosz Gruca, BioCentrum’s R&D Director and Member of the Board.
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) embodies a set of principles that provides a framework within which laboratory studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported and archived. These studies are undertaken to generate data by which the hazards and risks to users, consumers and third parties, including the environment, can be assessed for pharmaceuticals (only preclinical studies), agrochemicals, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives and contaminants, novel foods, biocides, detergents etc....GLP was instituted as a standard meant to ensure the quality, integrity, and reliability of safety data.
BioCentrum is a privately-owned biotechnology service and product provider from Kraków, Poland and is a part of Selvita group since 2008. The company was established in 2004 and its mission is to create a platform for its clients and partners in order to help them translate innovative discoveries into preclinical candidates with improved chances to reach the market, in the shortest amount of time possible.
BioCentrum is active in several areas of life science and offers a following range of services:
-          In vitro preclinical development services, which include the key steps in the process of drug development, used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.
-          In vitro assay development, working primarily on ELISA and cytotoxicity assays. We execute spectrophotometric, fluorescence, fluorescence anisotrophy and chemiluminescence measurements, as well as we perform cell cycle arrest analysis and apoptosis/necrosis identification in the area of fluorescence analysis.
-          Highly specialized services in analytical and physicochemical chemistry, aimed at the companies from pharmaceutical industry
-          REACH analytical services
-          Services in the field of protein chemistry, covering a wide range of standard and advanced analysis, as well as the production and purification of proteins.
-          Production of highly purified and highly active enzymes, inhibitors and other biologically active recombinant proteins.
The laboratory is fully integrated with STARLIMS laboratory information management system both for control of the analytical equipment and for data reporting and processing. Since 2010, BioCentrum’s laboratory is certified with the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate certificate, in the field of therapeutical substance manufacturing for the physicochemical analyses of the substances and their certification, as well as with the GLP certificate for the analytical and clinical chemistry testing, and in vitro tests in the area of cytotoxicity of chemical substances.
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