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chemical development services

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Selvita Contract Chemistry Department specializes in planning and optimization of synthetic routes of organic substances, prediction of metabolic paths and substance toxicology profiles, pre-formulation activities, formulation development, process optimization and scale-up. We also perform complex analyses of physicochemical characteristics of the synthesized substances and patent-literature search.

Project management excellence, supply chain management and high quality of service, certified with ISO 9001:2000, and fulfilling, where appropriate, the requirements of quality systems like GLP, GMP and 21 CFR Part 11, make Selvita the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies. Experience and operating excellence in contract synthesis.

We specialize in the synthesis of compounds of complex structures, often with chiral characteristics and high purity (98-99%). We take on difficult syntheses, time-consuming and multistep processes, under increased pressure.

Our offer includes:

  • Design of a synthesis route for chosen substrates
  • Optimization of synthesis paths to avoid undesired dangerous and toxic substances
  • Modification of the existing technological processes in order to increase efficiency of the key steps or optimize costs
  • Analysis of by-products (identification of impurities, finding the best way to utilize waste)
  • Custom synthesis in mg to kg scale (also intermediates, reference compounds)
  • Scaling-up and optimization of synthesis processes
  • Elaboration of purification methods with the use of preparative flash chromatography

Participating in research and development at the synthesis stage and providing analytical solutions, we can help the client to reduce the time and costs of development through:

  • Proposition of several alternative methods for the synthesis of a compound
  • Reliable estimation of possible yields of each particular step
  • Synthesis cost-estimation for a compound