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Integrated drug discovery outsourcing

Autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorders

We offer a wide range of in vitro assays for the preclinical drug efficacy testing / for the identification and validation of candidate therapeutics / in the field of autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorders.

In vitro studies include analysis of:

  • Production of pro-inflammatory cytokines - in the cell culture media of macrophage cell lines (e.g. RAW264.7, P388D1) upon stimulation with different TLRs ligands
  • Key proteins phosphorylation during signal transduction - analysis of phosphorylation of downstream proteins (western blots) in macrophage cell lines upon stimulation with different TLRs ligands
  • Inflammatory caspases activation - analysis of the precursor / active forms (western blot) in macrophage cell lines upon stimulation with TLRs ligands and inflammasome activators

We also offer conduction of in vivo studies, through our collaborations, such as:

  • LPS in vivo challenge - analysis of production of pro-inflammatory cytokines upon IP injection of LPS in CD-1 mice

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of new in vitro models in this therapeutic area and we are capable to develop new assays depending on customer's needs.