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Integrated drug discovery outsourcing

Central Nervous System disorders

Selvita has a significant expertise in generation of small molecule antagonists and agonists of GPCRs.

We offer functional assays in various cloned monoaminergic receptors, with stably transfected cell lines prepared in-house or acquired from commercial sources. We provide following assays:

  • cAMP-glo assay:
    • cAMP quantization using luciferase based luminescent assay for different concentrations of tested compounds (10 uM to 1 pM)
    • Calculation of IC50 and Kb values
  • Radioligand binding assays:
    • In-house crude membrane fraction of cloned receptors (stably transfected CHO and HEK293 cell lines)
    • Substantial overexpression of cloned receptors in our in-house cell lines

We offer determination of the affinity of compounds for receptor and the binding site density (Bmax) of receptor families and their subtypes in different tissue or samples. These studies are conducted using:

    • [3H] radioligands
    • MicroBeta TriLux scintillation counter (PerkinElmer)

We assure fast development and optimization of protocols: automated pipetting workstation Multiprobe.